January 20, 2014

The earth, cool water, faint clouds

The moon is very cool, tungsten lamp hanging in the night sky. The night road seems very quiet, quiet even the stars are no company. The total holding this fantasy's hand, walk in the evening the forest, the shadow is pulled very long, very long... Like a sunset portrayed in the road, looking very warm. In the evening on the hillside, looking at the sky Domestic Helpe, with indifference or cool to express? City housing down is faint light, darkness was torn, spread...

The earth, cool water, faint clouds.

Rainy day, like sitting in the house headphone amp, quietly watching the rain outside the window, a drop of a drop into the earth's atmosphere, playing in the leaves of sound. Night, lying in bed, listening to the rain into the quiet sound of the earth, on the phone, talking about the mind, very warm, a word to break a warm atmosphere, is no echo like thrown into the valley, each other in a calm. The rain is more big, hit the glass cracked, night more black, can't see the light. Condensation of air cool, cold sting bone ache!

Work experience in the recollection of their indifference to the youth nuhart, the forced recall. The earth, cool such as water, faint clouds.

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