September 17, 2013

On the Mid Autumn Festival

雪纤瘦The cool breeze woke up bright, red dyeing castle. Who is, choose to leave the city buildings crowded jungle, leaving the city with crowded roadway, lightly pushed the ancient Festival Mid Autumn Festival and unlocked the door, alone in the next month to taste lonely words, sigh only here can know me. Erratic thoughts, through the night curtain, rotary in time and space and no shore without crossing; adhere to the element to the heart, picking it out the memory, with rich thoughts will leave away frequently measurement. The unknown world, a road of trials and hardships, when to reach the harbor?
On the Mid Autumn Festival, the traditional Chinese festival, from the Tang Dynasty to the Ming and Qing Dynasties Fengyun, always transfer to flourish today. The round moon Qingqing Lang Lang, from ancient times to the present, round another missing, missing and round; from the countryside to the city, so many after being apart a long time joy hung GUI shadow swaying branches, and so many family relatives in the moonlight lay down heating. It is bathed in the ancients, and shone it; it through thousands of years, witnessed countless stories of grief at separation and joy in Union, will clean dust-free aura gift the world, still with elegant pure grace shake hanging in the deep sky, accept the world's eternal devotion worship.

雪纤瘦Cover a few breeze away clouds, a clear water flowed on, gentle, the spill the light ink, slowly stretch Zen painting no side of a shaft. I do not know when to move the carved window lattice, fell on the desk, disseminated the volume of poems and the cup of wine, Mo Yanying moon, also become somewhat cool; who, a bunch of soft cents description add full moon, melancholy, window is brimming with the ink fully and delightfully; will yilianyoumeng, throw to the branches Zhu Lou, a small pavilion, sing the moon song?

The Mid Autumn Festival, a round clear; it flows through the southern region of rivers and lakes, through Saibei smoke, always use the peace and quiet, with numerous living beings, and with a wave of missing reposing be fatigued with the journey, the traveller deep sense of nostalgia; it blows over the years the strings, much humming silent version, like springs emanating faint charm; millennium waiting for human 10000, watching the ancient many Chinese thought, under the candlelight of mother darning; also I do not know how many sleepless nights to snuff out as far as possible, how many times the buildings are not seen.

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September 10, 2013

Youth fantasy

Listen to this song unforgettable song "my mother gave me a song", the subconscious memories of the past, think of childhood, think of my mother, reminds me of my childhood -- that is full of fantasy and imagination of the teenage years.

Summer evening is a memorable time, memory, every summer evening, mother will be at the edge of the village, on the ground under a tree, select a relatively dry, clean place, early swept a block, woven with sorghum stalks of the gate, into a soft bed, mat on the surface, and then covered with plates, then let my brother and I were sleeping on them, mom always took a worn-out palm leaf fan sitting next to us, while blowing cool air, driving mosquitoes, while talking with others, talk. I also in dim their conversation to understand some truth, remember the sky the Cowherd and the Weaver Girl stories indistinct. Often heard my mother say "Tianhe North and south, the child does not tell mother slept". When the age is too small, thought quite silly, don't understand the meaning, always thought that one day, Tianhe North and south, mother will care of me, I will leave without me, so I always feel afraid. I'm afraid to come each night, the pain I hate why night only, if the day that this much good. Sleep, sometimes inexplicable waking, inexplicable crying in the dream. In the bright moonlight night, lying beside her mother, looked round the moon the sky, the number of the stars.

In the fantasy, if I do a star in the sky should have much good, and the moon as partners, in the night to shine, no longer afraid of dark night, you don't have to worry about going north tianhe. I am always looking for in the vast vast sky, have a look which one is Altair, which one is vega. Listen to the story of the cowherd, want to know the children finally what. The cowboy and the weaver girl why one year can only see a face, the Magpies really in July Chuqi night as they put up the sky bridge, let them one family in the above meeting? The magpie bridge will not be broken? Their child is it right? Does not often see mother, their mother will not miss them?

With this many questions, I always difficult for me to sleep at ease, for these things I accompany many sad and tears. A clear night, a wide, long, bright Tianhe quietly across the sky, the moon is really seems to have people in your stem to live. Day after day, night after night, Tianhe every day I was turning, my heart also will slowly tightening, finally one night, to see the Milky way really has north and south, I worry to the extreme. Then one night I once again from the dream wake up crying, I see my mother left me away, I wanted to reach out and pull her clothes, but how to also can't reach it, I am anxious to call, but no sound, only to see the mother still walked away, walked slowly well, I use all the strength to cry. Finally my mother wake me from the dream, ask me how, I still took the mother's hand not to put, the anxious mother ask whether to leave me away. My mother asked why I think so, I have heard "Tianhe North and south, the child does not sleep with mother said". Mother distressed hugged me, silly boy, you are still small, grew up you will know, now that you do not know, believe that the mother will never leave you. Hearing the words, though my heart is still half-believe in, however, is a mother's promise, the heart is at ease a lot.

I grew up day by day, slowly know the Tianhe steering is the natural law, the annual midsummer season, the Milky way will with the season into a north-south. The weather is too hot, the people of the time, home no fan, air conditioner, children naturally reluctant to mom sleep; later, more know, heaven bridge, story of the cowherd is a beautiful legend. Oh, think of a child, really, I was so stupid, how naive.

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