November 29, 2013

love your face

Sunny afternoon , toddler alley of the old couple , each arm with that full head of white hair , flashing and moving sheen.

From their side through, I can not help but slow down the pace, fear disturb the share of pleasant tranquility and heart gazing enviouslywomen t shirts for sale .

Young, we tend to ask each other : Do you love me? Middle age , an " I am old, you still care about me?" Reveals a childish question. Wait until Feishuang into the temples of old age , everything is no need to ask , and without answers , take your hand , to stay together , better than a thousand wordsBusiness Broadband .

Huakaihuaxie , the seasons , since together across so many Bumpy Road, not exactly affectionate carry us all the way through it? This affectionate, because love with care, there is affection , let us joy and happiness on the road enoughielts fee .

In the world of love , it is easy to meet people , not demanding anything, do not expect something in the sense of time is also pleased so passionate . Although not the youth, old face alone that all the way through the deep and shallow footprints, the share of heavy flavors Chen -like memory , invisible, intangible, but really there , sometimes even out repeated friction , enough to make us sigh nice to have you !

Young, we often love , love your face , love your talent , your gentle love , love you, good for me . And after dusk years later, we still want to say love , but it is whispered in my heart. A young man afraid of losing you, because you are so important to me , is the only indispensable , dreams and my heart is you. Today they are still afraid of losing you , then you have to integrate into the depths of my heart, my soul . Imagine the days without you , what will be a state.

My old eyes can not see you , you are beautiful , just like my love , always fresh as ever. Thanks to time , it opens up my love , after years of shuttling affectionate , there is an end of time for regrets. Flies are the years , the flow is taking the face, sinking because of love beating heart , still strong and powerful , not a cent weakened.

Love is never old , time will not live up to love . All the moves have arrived, but faltered when leading scorer ; All eachother, have arrived, but when old soulful gaze . Time flies with the years , but we dye endless love , when we walk in the sunset hand in hand , sitting under the eaves , as if back in love carefree time . Despite the relative silence is silent , I believe you and I can read each other 's heart : I love you, love you more than all every day !

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