December 30, 2013

Go home feeling

Time flies, in the twinkling of an eye out for twenty years, you yesterday became today's I, I am today is tomorrow you ah! From a boy into a man, young brother became a big brother, big brother turned from uncle, all this is changing in imperceptibly, old age, youth is too short, imperceptibly, face covered with wrinkles, write once Cang sang. In the city to stay too long, do not feel the change of seasons is so obvious, still half asleep. Not quite awake, holiday fireworks to rose to the sky, blooming flowers Yan, brilliant night skychenille embroidery.

Every Spring Festival, no matter where you are, the heart has already flown back to the beginning of the dream - home. That has a lot of story memory of childhood, mom and dad selfless, heavy love, brothers and sisters are warm friendship, although also noisy too, but in the face of difficulties, are the kind of solidarity, mutual encouragement. An apple was divided into six lobes, each a small mouth to eat is so sweet, others give candy also reluctant to give up myself, back to crush the mutual a small piece, you want me to, I think of you, who let we are brothers! Every time when there is a danger, are protective brother carefully, to change danger into safety. Is to fight with others, would have said, came home to find my brother, they are brothers heart umbrella, propped up a blue skyPublic Cloud.

This year have the Spring Festival goes back to his hometown reunion, a lot of things home, I do not know, in a lot of the original barren places, all built workshop, barn, brick factory, it is water, also do not see the small pressure well, and windlass into the rope wrapped. In the evening to go out, see the sun as if not far away, in particular, feel very close, not only to see the sunset in the city building gap, feel very far away. Stand in the land, the sky is so blue, the mountain is so close, snow white is not white. Morning, the branches will shake off the ice in the sunshine millions, phosphorescent, dazzling, in smoke filled, more like a paintingDBA Hong Kong.

A family of thirty-three people, have a joyous gathering, a eighty-seven year old father, a few months child, several children call me Grandpa, Grandpa, I only know that they are not young, from uncle suddenly became a grandpa, grandpa! Give the children send red envelope, see the children playing, there really is a mother happy feeling. Often go home to have a look, just know the change of seasons, often go home to have a look, just know years changes, often go home to have a look, will feel the affection of the heavy, but also with a deep warm.

Tall tree, falling leaves, many-storied buildings but we rest station, home, is our root.

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