May 15, 2013

Something to ponder

Like a great scale, it is often out of our deepest tragedies that our greatest hope, our greatest joys, arise. 2 Corinthians 1:3-4 talks about this as well. Our suffering isn't something that happens because God isn't paying attention. On the contrary, our suffering has great purpose.

The all-encompassing comfort that the Lord gives us in our time of need is powerful enough to not only heal OUR heart - but also those around us who are suffering in a similar way. God's comfort in our time of distress is so prevailing, that His healing hope not only fills our heart, it overflows to all in need.

This is something I read today, and something about it stood out to me! I'm still learning about all this, and waiting to 'see' the great joy and hope come around in my life, from the things that were so hurtful. (If that all makes sense) Anyway, I just have to keep trusting God to keep working!

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Taavet Hinrikus hands over CEO reins at TransferWise to cofounder Kristo Kaarmann

A changing of the guard at TransferWise, the unicorn startup based out of London that specialises in providing money-transfer services, typically with better rates than banks and other incumbent providers. The company’s CEO and co-founder Taavet Hinrikus announced that he is stepping down and staying on in a part-time role as chairman and board member. He will be replaced by his co-founder, Kristo Käärmann Managed Services.

TransferWise founders (from left): Taavet Hinrikus and Kristo Käärmann

This is not the first time that Hinrikus and Käärmann, both Estonians, have swapped the CEO role, but the move comes at an interesting time for the startup.

On one hand, it sounds like it is at a stable point right now: Transferwise has raised around $117 million in funding from investors that include Andreessen Horowitz, Ballie Gifford and Peter Thiel, and a spokesperson told TechCrunch that it has been profitable and cash-generating since the start of this financial year bolt embroidery.

That’s a big improvement: according to its last annual accounts filed with companies house, for the year that ended March 31, 2016, the company reported turnover (revenues) of £27,852,000 ($36 million) and a loss before tax of £17,406,000 ($23 million).

The company’s last round valued it at $1.1 billion, and Hinrikus projected that this year it will be doing $100 million in revenue.

At the same time, the company is still in growth mode and other things are still in flux. The company launched "Borderless” accounts in May of this year for small businesses who make regular international transactions, and that product is expanding later this year with Borderless accounts for individuals and payment cards.

This is on top of other developments and experiments such as the company’s bot for Facebook Messenger, which lets people transfer money and set up rate alerts using the chat platform’s AI-based interface.

The company says that it has 10 percent of the transfer market in the UK, and it is now aiming to repeat that proportion globally. The international focus is interesting, too, considering at Hinrikus and TransferWise have been outspoken critics of the Brexit movement.

TransferWise currently lets people in 38 countries send money, and has the facilities to receive money in 61 countries. The aim is to expand that in coming years to more geographies. "For us to truly achieve our mission we need to reach everyone in the world who needs us: we have yet to impact the people who pay the highest fees to transfer money,” Hinrikus writes.

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Hope you all have a wonderful day

Something I'm learning...Here is something I read recently, and I am in the process of learning!! (The very SLOW process, I might add)

"By faith we have entered into an eternal relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. As a result, we are dead to sin and alive to God, and we now sit with Christ in the Heavenlies. In Christ, we ARE important, we ARE qualified, we ARE good. Satan can do absolutely nothing to alter our positionbest iphone cases in Christ and our worth to God.

BUT.... he can render us virtually inoperative if he can deceive us into listening to, and believing his insidious lies accusing us of being of little value to God or other people." -Neil T. Andersonchina study

I hope to one day soon, post something more then this, but this will have to do for this time... Hope you all have a wonderful day ahead!

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This summer

This summer has been incredibly busy for me, and I haven't had much time to do much fun stuff!!! I haven't had much time to do anything on xanga, besides read some here and there, and comment every great once in awhile, but as for writing..... that kinda fell by the wayside!!!

 Anyway, I am not doing paper route anymore, at this time. Another major newspaper in the area, took over the distribution of the two papers I was doing, and they already had their carrier in my area, so I decided to just stop, rather then go to a new area, and learn new routes, etc.

 It's been about a week now since my last day of delivery, and I am enjoying sleeping 'normal' sleeping hours, and staying up late, if I feel like it, and all kinds of things like that!!! Alot of people on my routes were NOT happy to have me stop, and they said they want me back!! I don't know if that will happen or not, but for now... I'm happy living a more 'normal' life again!!

I have gone through so many emotions and feelings the last year, and even this summer!! I have felt my heart go through alot of feelings of healing, yet I know I have a LONG way to go yet!!! It has been hard too, because we go to a different church, then what we had been going to, for the last 16 years or so. In the midst of God doing a healing work in my heart, I have still felt incredible loneliness, and feeling like I don't belong anywhere!! It isn't that I am wishing to go back to where we were, or anything like that... it's just part of trying to find my 'place' in life, and in my church, and in my surroundings. I can struggle with feeling like I don't 'fit in' anywhere, and my friends that I was closest to, moved away. I miss them soooo terribly much, and LONG to have them move back again!!! But I know that they are living where they feel God wants them. It's just something I have to learn to trust Him with it all. Doing the paper route only increased these feelings!!! My already lonely life, got much lonelier when I started doing the route, because I had to go to bed early, so it cut out alot of things that would happen in the evenings! I knew I needed to do it for a time, to help me get out of debt, but it was like I was 'cutting off my arm' in the process!! My one friend that I talk to ALOT in the evenings...

well, that had to stop, because I had to get to bed!! So, we had to try to make time in the daytime, when neither one of us was working or doing some other project!! So that meant that we couldn't talk as much or talk things out like we had before, due to time and other things always going on! That hurt so badly!!! While I was thankful to get out of debt more, it was like I had to pay the price in some other way!! Another friend, that I was just beginning to learn to know a little bit, and we had gone out for coffee one time,... well, it was like I wasn't able to do much about that anymore either!!! So anyway... I don't mean this as a huge sob story, but more to just open up my heart alittle, and let you know some of the things going on in my heart and life!! I'm not really sure where to start and stop, but in saying all that I am, I don't want you to think that I have it bad and so horrible, because I have ALOT to be thankful for too!!! For one thing, I was able to get alot of personal debt paid off!!! yay!!!!! I have alot more to go, but I hope the worst is behind me!!! It's going to be harder to pay off the rest though, without the extra side income coming in to go just for debt reduction!! But with God all things are possible, right?

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It was interesting

This summer, we had a family reunion on my mom's side of the family... the Hochstedler's, and we had it at Camp Io-Dis-E-Ca....(pronounced I-O, dis, E,ca) the capital vowels have the long sound.

Anyway, it was pretty neat there... and by the way, the name of the camp means 'forgiven'. I think it is the Greek language maybe??? not sure on that, but in some language anyway. I wasn't able to be there NEARLY the whole time, so I didn't get a huge amount of pictures, but got a few here and there.

These cute little cabins were by the water where the canoes were. I'm not sure if they are there to change clothes in or what. I didn't have time to go investigate, but I thought they looked so cute!!! And the reflection on the water was pretty too!!

The one evening, we had a little program of sorts, and they got all the brothers and sisters up front, that were there (a couple of the sisters didn't make it). There is another brother and sister at the end of this row, that I wasn't able to get a picture of, due to alot of heads being in the way.

My uncle Nelson, and Aunt Viola were the ones at the end that aren't on this picture. These that are sitting here, are from L-R... Aunt Lydia, my mom, Martha, Uncle Jonas, Uncle Monroe, and Aunt Darlene. People could ask them questions of their memories on certain subjects, and then they would share their memories, funny stories, etc. It was interesting!

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Hello to one and all

I have something I would like to ask you all to help pray for, if God lays it on your heart!! My sister, (her xanga site is DaisiesandSundrops) Jean, and her family are really needing your prayers!! A couple of years ago, they started to take care of a little prison baby, and loved him as their own! Through the course of time, the mothers parental rights were terminated, and Alan and Jean wanted to adopt this little guy.

Because he has part Native American in him, the tribe doesn't allow 'adoption' as such, but allow 'legal guardianship', which is basically the same thing, only they wanted the little boy to keep his full name that the birth mother gave him. Jean and Alan signed papers a couple months ago, to bring about that legal guardianship. Well, this morning, the social worker called and said that the judge changed his mind, and wants the little guy to be moved closer to his hometown, and the tribe by Nov 23rd!!!!! 10 days from today!!!!

It is a total shock to them and us all!!!! We believe God is able to change the hearts of Kings, and very well could work miracles in this situation!!! He has worked miracles for them earlier, when they thought that the little guy was going to be taken from them, and God intervened and didn't let it happen.

I'm not sure how much to write or what all to say, but if you want to read more, as far as the background alittle more, you can go to her site. Sept 23rd, '08 is where she writes some about him, and then again on Oct 2nd, '08. You can see lots of pics of this little guy (Ociel) and endear him to your hearts!!! Please join in praying for MUCH grace and strength for Jean and Alan and the family!!! Jean felt sick alot today, because of all this, and feels to weak to fight in any way!! She is depending on others to 'fight' for her... to pray on her behalf, and to lift her (and all of them) up in this time!!

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May 09, 2013

Little Engines

1.It will always take more time, cost more money, and be less fun than the enrollment advisor says.

2.It will teach you more than anybody said it would. Knowledge sometimes does nothing more than show you how little you know and what a vast store of it is out there. Humbling, really.

3.If you are a perfectionist about your grades, the injustice of having to accept a not-quite perfect score for choosing "infer” over "imply” in a multiple choice English exam will kill you; when, in fact, one of the definitions of "infer” is "imply”. Confusing much?

4. If you are a perfectionist and bad at Math, having to accept the lowest grade on a Math exam you have ever received on an exam will make you cry. Heartbreakingly.

5. If your laptop is going to crash at any point, rest assured it will do so exactly 15 minutes after you complete a 10 page paper. There is something called a flash drive; use it ASAP.

6. Professors are not all alike. Some will take it upon themselves to really care about you, answer your questions thoroughly, and try to make you a better student, a better writer, or in some vain, futile attempt, a better mathematician. Some will tell you to just read the textbook and then ignore all your emails after that.

7. Some professors get fired after 95% of the class gets zero help and files complaints to the university. Actually, not sure about the firing part, but we can only hope.

8. You will need to seriously commit to giving up at least one time-consuming thing you love in order to have time for studying. For me, it was no reading for "fun” for two years with almost no exceptions- just textbooks and the Bible, people!

9. Whatever Math problems you try to calculate while timing contractions three hours shy of giving birth will be dead wrong. All of them. The baby, however, will be perfect.

10. Even the most supportive people in your life occasionally get weary of the third-wheel- that-is-the-Laptop in your relationship and you will momentarily feel like Job of the Old Testament. No, my husband would never tell me to "curse God and die”, like Job's wife, but he did on more than one occasion say "Hang that research paper and come to bed.

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My friend

My friend are 52 years old. when i was growing up (catholic by birth, baptist by marriage) this country was still under the influence of christianity. i believe it is what made us a great country. people were not as selfish as they are now. things were different.

today i am totally amazed that we, as a country, have backslid so far down. To be a christian and have a christian worldview and belief system that is totally built on scripture is a thingto be ridiculed and silenced in the public arena. 30 years ago i would have never believed it if i had been told. but i guess i had been told it was coming.

i care more about what my Father thinks about my life than what this world thinks about my life.

i don't want to judge anyone (though it is human nature) i don't want to be judged.

i want the right to believe what i do about social issues in this country/world and voice my opinion without being told that i am hateful. i have these opinions and beliefs because i love. (though, i would like to be called out if i express my opinions ina hateful or otherwise inappropriate manner)


i just thought i would share these thoughts. its just been on my heart so much lately.

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Love still… and not afraid.

I know that we came out of this stronger than ever, that although we had moments of doubt, although we probably made more mistakes and said more things we shouldn’t have this last year, we also gained maturity. We aged, but like good wine, it flavored us deeply and richly.

We are more sure of each other, less fearful of the "what if’s”; we spend precious time together with a new depth, a new appreciation. And yes, there can be awesome, heart-stopping feelings with that depth, that love-no-longer-brand-new. It’s the beauty of love that is hard-fought and won.

I’m sure there is still plenty left to conquer, and just because we have had one tough year does not mean no more will follow. Maybe God intended to strengthen us for even greater hurdles. Maybe we will mess up even bigger, fall even harder. Who knows, us two with the tarnished hearts, we humans walking on broken ground?

We’ll be okay, though.

We’re saints and angels in love.

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What are we doing here

Doubt is not a good feeling to admit. Everyone wants to be SuperSpouse, say they never feel less than giddy, heart-pounding feelings, say they have a perfect relationship, and cover up doubt with clichés; clichés that only make sense if you have never Been There. But doubt, although a very unpleasant place to be in long-term, can in small and occasional doses be a good thing. It can force you to decide what you will believe about love and commitment. It can purge you of the façade you’ve been hiding behind, confront you with your own inadequacy, and show your colors. And if you overcome doubt, you become stronger.

After the last year, I think I can say that we have been married Long Enough. Life is probably never a walk in the park and no matter what your circumstance, there are challenges. But the year 2010 was one we will remember. It included a pregnancy that was none too easy emotionally/physically, some changes and adjustments, crazy schedules, post-partum depression, a colic baby that screamed for hours every day, a challenging two year old, commitments that took Mike away from home a lot… more upheavals than ever before. There were days when we wondered.

"What are we doing here?”

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Running is like faith

Which brings me to a very odd conclusion that I never thought of before.

Running is like faith. The times I least feel like doing it are the times I need it the most. When the alarm goes off and I stumble out of bed, all I can think about it how much easier it would be to just lie down and sleep. But that doesn't get me where I want to go, it doesn't accomplish what I want to have done.

How many times do I decide that instead of believing and doing what is right, it's easier to just give up and lie down, and then later look back and see the shapeless, unhealthy results?

How often does my failure to go forth in faith correlate with my failure to accomplish my goals and my God-given purpose for my life?

Why is it that the more hesitant I am to believe, the heavier my load becomes?

Now I know why the Bible likens life and faith to running a race.

We "run with patience the race that is set before us."

Tomorrow, my body and mind will be strengthened by physically running. And tomorrow, more than ever, I need to run the race of faith for my soul.

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I’m a romantic

I am impulsive, and speak my mind far too quickly. He thinks through everything, including his words.

I work in short bursts of explosive energy. He is steady efficiency.

I love meeting new friends, reuniting with old ones, and making small talk with random strangers when the occasion calls for it. He is fine with a total of twenty people in his life, does not seek out new activity, and thinks there is never an occasion for talking with strangers.

I am of such pathetic engineering and mechanical skills that the wheel would not have been invented yet if all humanity were like me. He is an electrician; need I say more?

I set expectations high, sometimes absurdly so, even for myself. He shoots within a reasonable range and is seldom off-target.

I brood and worry; inclined to deep plunges of despair. He either deals with it, stores it, or forgets it, and is the model of stability in even the roughest of situations.

I am passionate and sometimes ruled by my emotions. He is a controlled, collected, and factual.

I like life to be changing, interesting, even a little risky sometimes. He likes routine, predictability, and safety.

I’m a romantic. He’s a realist.

I like crowds, action, bright lights, public speaking, and shopping malls. He avoids all of those things.

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foggy day

we are in the midst of the january thaw. the 30 inches of snow we got a couple weeks ago is melting away, although i don't believe it will totally disappear before the next storm. there are no snowstorms on the radar for the coming week. i'm not really sure if i'm happy or sad about that.

it is warm this morning (above freezing) and drippy and foggy. when i went out to get some wood this morning i sunk in with every step. i love the fog, it's quiet.

i am skipping church this week and next because there seems to be a lot of flu going around and via facebook i am aware of several people in the church who have it. so, i am all for avoiding closed in places with people as much as possible.

today i will work on my bible study (i try to do it at least a few times a week--i've never been able to set aside that "quiet time" each morning)

I also want to make a few valentines day decorations i found on pinterest.

i'll probably cook some,

go snowshoeing,

work on my packing for vacation,

relax.................... what's that?

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