April 26, 2017

Should Write More Handwritten Letters

1. It’s a memorable way to touch the people you love.
A thoughtful letter can be treasured for years. Visit SmarTone plan just about any history museum and you’ll be struck by the impact a letter can have. Countless possessions throughout history have decayed into dust, but fragile pieces of paper have been protected for generations because powerful words are worth reading again and again.

2. Research says it can actually make you happier.
Steve Toepfer from Kent State University studies "author benefits” – the perks you get from penning letters. Toepher says by making a habit of writing thoughtful letters of gratitude, "you’ll feel happier, you’ll feel more satisfied, and if you’re suffering from depressive symptoms, your symptoms will decrease.” This isn’t as strange as it sounds. Telling your friends how much you appreciate them helps you count your blessings and notice some of the beauty in your life туры в Гонконг.

3. It confirms the importance of a relationship.
Taking the time to send a thoughtful note shows you cherish a relationship and want to invest in it. This can not only strengthen a friendship or a marriage, it’s also a clever way to grow loyalty with clients and business partners.

4. It’s a classy thing to do.
We write to remind people they’re special; but let’s face it, letters make us look pretty special too. Handwritten letters are a classy friend’s game. Set yourself apart as a lady or gentleman by sticking a stamp to your words of encouragement.

5. It helps you pause long enough to Neo skin lab say things that matter.
Texting and email are mostly reactionary. You need information, so you reach out. Writing letters is much more deliberate. You do it to give, not to receive. You write because there’s something you need to say, not something you need to know.

6. It creates a wonderful surprise.
Remember when getting mail was fun? You never knew what you might find. Now, it’s mostly a pile of bills and junk. You can be the girl who

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April 24, 2017

II. The Inaccessible Island

You have heard me so far, O King. Know now that the one to whom I was apprenticed was an Enchanter. His name is Zabulun, and in all derma veil the world there are only three Enchanters more powerful than he. The first is Chiron the Centaur, who is half man and half horse, and who taught Achilles and made him the greatest of the princes who had gone against Troy. The second is Hermes Trismegistus, the wise Egyptian. And the third is Merlin the Enchanter, whose home is in an island that is west of your Western Island.

When the night came on, Zabulun took the steering gear into his hands, and he steered the ship by a star that he alone knew. When the morning came we saw on the sea all around us the masts and the spars and the timbers of ships that had come too near the Magnetberg, and that had lost their nails and bolts, and had become loosened timbers on the waters. Those on the ship were greatly afraid, and the captain walked up and[Pg 26] down, pulling at his beard. The night came on, and again my master took the steering gear into his own hands and steered the ship by a star that he alone knew of. And when the morning came there were no masts and spars of ships, and no loosened timbers afloat on the waters. The captain laughed and made all on the ship rejoice that they had passed the dangerous neighborhood of the Magnetberg—that mountain of loadstone that drew the iron out of ships as a magnet draws pins on a table.

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April 05, 2017

Overlooked Ways to Lose Weight

1. Ditch dieting
Although dieting can help you drop those unwanted pounds, it makes you always crave more and more of everyday foods. Ditch dieting, instead start eating healthier. Learn to opt for healthier foods and aim to have mini meals throughout the day. Leading a healthy lifestyle is one of the most effective ways to lose weight, boost your energy levels and improve your overall health.

2. Eat more vegetables
When it comes to weight loss, you often focus on the things you must avoid eating. However, I suggest you to start focusing on the wholesome foods that you can add to your eating plan, such as vegetables. Add more veggies to your omelet, green smoothies, munch on raw vegetables during the day and have a vegetable stir-fry for dinner. Eating more vegetables each day is one of the most overlooked ways to drop pounds that really works. Veggies are high in fiber, phytonutrients and vitamins that help your body lose weight and feel better about yourself.

3. Ditch processed food
Avoid eating all the fat-free and low-fat foods since they’re highly processed with plenty of chemicals and harmful artificial sweeteners. Incorporate more whole foods, veggies and fruits into your healthy diet to achieve your fitness goal. Not only are processed foods bad for your waistline, it’s also bad for your health.

4. Give up sugar
If you want to lose weight, make sure you don’t consume refined and added sugars. A teaspoon of sugar has 16 calories and it can add up faster than you think. Try to reduce your sugar intake or eliminate it from your healthy diet completely. Even if you don’t want to lose weight, try to give up sugar for good. Your body and health will thank you.

5. Cut out the alcohol
Maybe you are not a huge drinker, but that alcoholic beverage you drink with dinner may contain plenty of calories. Unfortunately, calories from alcoholic beverages are often overlooked and it might be a reason why you can’t lose weight. Reduce your alcohol intake to see fantastic results!

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