May 15, 2013

Hello to one and all

I have something I would like to ask you all to help pray for, if God lays it on your heart!! My sister, (her xanga site is DaisiesandSundrops) Jean, and her family are really needing your prayers!! A couple of years ago, they started to take care of a little prison baby, and loved him as their own! Through the course of time, the mothers parental rights were terminated, and Alan and Jean wanted to adopt this little guy.

Because he has part Native American in him, the tribe doesn't allow 'adoption' as such, but allow 'legal guardianship', which is basically the same thing, only they wanted the little boy to keep his full name that the birth mother gave him. Jean and Alan signed papers a couple months ago, to bring about that legal guardianship. Well, this morning, the social worker called and said that the judge changed his mind, and wants the little guy to be moved closer to his hometown, and the tribe by Nov 23rd!!!!! 10 days from today!!!!

It is a total shock to them and us all!!!! We believe God is able to change the hearts of Kings, and very well could work miracles in this situation!!! He has worked miracles for them earlier, when they thought that the little guy was going to be taken from them, and God intervened and didn't let it happen.

I'm not sure how much to write or what all to say, but if you want to read more, as far as the background alittle more, you can go to her site. Sept 23rd, '08 is where she writes some about him, and then again on Oct 2nd, '08. You can see lots of pics of this little guy (Ociel) and endear him to your hearts!!! Please join in praying for MUCH grace and strength for Jean and Alan and the family!!! Jean felt sick alot today, because of all this, and feels to weak to fight in any way!! She is depending on others to 'fight' for her... to pray on her behalf, and to lift her (and all of them) up in this time!!

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